Corporate Profile

CZAR Life styles International Ltd.

CZAR - Geographical presence of Delhi, the political and beurotically base of India. Czar is a large-scale ultramodern enterprise with internationally advanced equipment. Czar conduct research and design to develop life style products through joint efforts with international companies.

CZAR has turned out a series of life style products and to name a few are high quality melamine crockery, kitchenware, Ladies Suits, Saree and Home Appliances etc. Products have passed international security and quality authentication.

All the Board of Directors of the company are well educated and of experience background, having a successful track record of managing important positions at different levels in organizations known for the fine quality of their distinguished product line.

Appointment of skilled and highly qualified marketing staff is giving the company a respectable standing amongst the so called established competitors.

Company staff at head office is also well versed with strong work ethics of the company and plays an important role in the successful execution of the company policies and operations. Persons employed, both at head office and branch office are always absorbed in the companies' operational stream after proper training and induction activities.

Well trained staff is always there to provide satisfactory support to the customer and the service is provided which may exceed to customers expectation.